Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.

DIY Wooden Curtain Rod and Brackets

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Build a pretty and easy, chunky DIY Wooden Curtain Rod and brackets.

I looked all over my favorite stores, IRL and online, and couldn’t find the perfect curtain rod and brackets for the boys bedroom makeover. So, I did what any DIY lover would do, and made them. Honestly, when I say this is a Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod and Brackets, I mean it. I bet I had this assembled, painted, and hung in less than 3 hours. So quick, guys!

Front view of the curtain bracket installed on the wall. Make your own quick and easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod and Brackets in an afternoon. #AbbottsAtHome #CurtainRod #DIYProjects #DIYDecor #HomeDecorIdeas #WoodworkingIdeas #WoodworkingforBeginners
I love this chunky look, especially with a colorful kids room design!

With this DIY, you can use nearly any brackets you like. And paint or stain them any color you’d like. So, you’ll always get the perfect design and style to match your room. AND, you get to make your own custom width rod too. So, no more buying those adjustable rods.  They are always kind of a pain to pull a curtain over, with that hump in the middle. Right?!

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Make your own quick and easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod and Brackets in an afternoon. #AbbottsAtHome #CurtainRod #DIYProjects #DIYDecor #HomeDecorIdeas #WoodworkingIdeas #WoodworkingforBeginners
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Materials for this DIY Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod

Note: You can pick any style of bracket or cornice you think would look best. Just make sure you have enough room for the Closet Pole Socket Set (with room to lift the rod in and out). And you want enough depth to keep the curtain the right distance away from the wall too.
Supplies needed for a Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.

The best part about using pre-made shelf brackets…they’ve already added your mounting hardware! And it comes with your wall anchors and screws.

Steps to Build

Design Note: I used glue and a brad nail for assembly. BUT, if you don’t have a brad nailer, you could glue, clamp, and let the pieces dry before painting. I just used the brad nailer so that I could move on to painting without waiting. Actually, I should have just used my DAP Rapid Fuse to glue these pieces together. It’s like super glue for wood. Then I could have skipped the nail and still had a very short dry time.

  1. Decide on best bracket size and design for your space. Make sure it’s big enough for the rod socket, with enough room for lifting the rod in and out of place.
  2. Cut one end of your bracket off. I think this makes it look more like Curtain Brackets and less like shelf brackets. I cut about 3″ off the end of mine.

    I clamped a scrap block to the Miter Saw fence to make sure each bracket is cut exactly the same for this DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.
  3. DIY TIPS: Easily make sure you get 2 identical cuts, by clamping a scrap piece of wood to the saw. AND do not cut the rod until you have hung the brackets on the wall. This is how you can be sure to get a perfectly snug fit with the rod. You don’t want to have to buy a new rod, or patch holes in your wall if the rod is too short.
  4. Mark the placement of the sockets on the brackets. I tested that I could lift the rod in and out of place before deciding where I wanted my socket.

    Measuring and marking my guidelines for each socket. Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.
    Measuring and marking my guidelines for each socket.
  5. Glue and clamp and/or nail the sockets to the brackets.

    You can see 2 straight lines on each bracket marking where I want the socket to line up. Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.
    You can see 2 straight lines on each bracket marking where I want the socket to line up.
  6. Wipe away any excess glue with a clean, damp cloth.
  7. If painting, lightly sand the brackets and rod. If staining, you will need a to completely sand with 150-grit sandpaper. Then apply Wood Conditioner, to prep for stain.
  8. Apply Paint or Stain. Apply a polyurethane to protect the finish.
  9. To hang the brackets, use painter’s tape to mark the top of the bracket and where each screw hole should be.

    Use painter's tape over mounting hardware to mark for screws. Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.
    Easily mark the wall for the screws by using a piece of painters tape.
  10. Then transfer that tape to the wall. I knew I wanted my DIY Wooden Curtain Rod brackets 4″ below the crown. I used the line marking the top of my bracket as a guide for hanging. I also used a level to make sure that tape was straight before putting the anchors in the wall.

    Then place the tape on the wall
  11. Once both brackets are hung, measure and cut your rod. Touch up any paint or stain, on the ends, as needed.
  12. Hang those curtains and enjoy!A longer view of the blue Target Spacedye Curtain on the grey rod. Quick & Easy DIY Wooden Curtain Rod.What do you think? Does it work with the rest of the room, so far?

UPDATE: You can see the Boys Bedroom Full Reveal now. I’d love for you to stop by and check it out. 🙂

How to build easy DIY wooden curtain rods from shelf brackets and wooden closet rods This is an easy DIY for pretty, chunky curtain rods that you can paint or stain to match any room.
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  1. Absolutely fantastic alternative to buying one pricey bracket X 2! I’ve been searching for a nice alternative to everything offered by the big box stores and even Etsy. Simple, effective and just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the post.

  2. Did you add a shelf to the top? I am thinking on doing this, but with a shelf on top. Do you think it would look good with a shelf?

    • Hi Geri! I didn’t add a shelf at the top, but you could. It could look good. I didn’t want to hide my crown moulding, but you can always try a shelf without attaching it and see if you like it first. 🙂

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