Hello, my name is Stephanie. Once upon a time, I was a single, career girl working as a Software Developer who occasionally flipped houses. In 2009, I moved from Cincinnati to Orlando with the plan to spend my life there. Yes, I’m a huge WDW fan.  After just 6 months there my boyfriend, who was living and working in Egypt at the time, changed all that. He proposed to me in front of the pyramids at Giza. Who could have ever imagined that?? It was a big surprise and a wonderful proposal that changed my whole life. A year later, we married in Orlando and I was off to Cairo to live without a job or any idea when I’d be moving away from Egypt.

But this was just as the revolution was starting in Egypt and things were changing in Cairo. We decided to move to the US just a year later. I was happy to be home and ready to start a family here. Now, I am a SAHM and wife to a smart, funny and devastatingly handsome Englishman (that should earn me some points, right). We currently live in Texas with our beautiful, amazing boys. Spencer is 4 and Tate is 1. They keep me busy and laughing all day. When I get a few minutes away from the kids and constant cleaning (JK), I work on the hundreds of projects I dream up.

I love making my ideas a reality and teaching my boys how to make things for themselves. I grew up with a contractor father who always had his own projects going on around the house, or he was busy building a custom home. I guess I picked up a few skills from him and the decades of watching This Old House probably helped too. Thanks Dad (and Bob Vila, wherever you are)!

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My husband and son at a park
The handsome Englishman and our oldest hard at play
Stephanie, the DIY diva, with her boys at the beach
Stephanie, the DIY diva, with her boys at the beach
Kids Fall Pumpkin Picture
The obligatory Fall Pumpkin picture. So adorable, right?