Here's How to Clean Area Rugs At Home, using a Bissell SpotClean Pro. Steps and tips for small stains and for rugs with all over dirt and stains.

How to Clean Area Rugs At Home

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Here’s How to Clean Area Rugs At Home, the Easy Way. This quick DIY saved my super dirty rug!

Hi guys! I’m excited to show you how to clean area rugs at home, the easy way! I used to take my rugs to a dry cleaner, but half the time the stains weren’t completely removed. And, it always cost more than I though it was worth. Especially with cheaper rugs. So, I’m really loving that I found an easy way to clean my rugs at home.

A friend recently recommended the Bissell SpotClean Pro to me. I looked around my house and realized that my car, my rugs, my carpet, couch, and even a fabric headboard could use a deep clean. And, this Bissell cleaner is actually budget-friendly. So, I decided to buy one.

And, I’m loving this little cleaner so far. It saved my chocolate milk covered car seats. You can see the crazy before and after pictures of those seats in my How to Clean Car Seats post. Turns out, I guess I’m a Bissell fan because I just realized that my favorite $100 Vacuum is a Bissell and the Steam Mop I use on my tile is a Bissell too. Now, let’s talk about how to clean area rugs at home. 🙂

Here's How to Clean Area Rugs At Home, using a Bissell SpotClean Pro. Steps and tips for small stains and for rugs with all over dirt and stains.
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What To Use to Clean Area Rugs At Home

Watch this Video to See How it Works

Watch this video to see exactly how I clean a dirty area rug at home. It’s actually pretty easy. But there are some things you need to know first. BEFORE CLEANING YOUR AREA RUG – watch my warnings about who shouldn’t wet clean their rugs at 2:11 in the video. Some rugs could be RUINED by wet cleaning. So, watch this video and decide for yourself if your rug is safe to clean.

Can you Wet Clean your Rugs?

In the video above, I talk about how I decided to power clean this rug. It wasn’t really recommended by the manufacturer. But, since this rug is a SYNTHETIC FIBER, with a lower chance of shrinking, AND it only cost me $75, I decided it was worth the risk. To be honest, this rug was so dirty spot treatment wouldn’t have worked. So, I felt like I had no other option to save this rug.

I WOULD NOT use a power cleaner (wet cleaner) on a wool, silk, antique or any expensive rugs. I’d recommend finding a professional rug cleaner on any expensive rugs.

I PROBABLY wouldn’t use this cleaner on natural grass rugs, like Jute, UNLESS it’s a last ditch effort to save your rug. Natural grasses can shrink. But, if you’ve tried spot cleaning, and a dry cleaner, and are about to throw that natural grass rug away…then I’d try the bissell stain pretreat and the SpotCleaner as a last attempt to save that rug.

So, check the manufacturer directions and think about whether or not you should wet clean your rugs at home. If you decided you should, follow the steps below.

Can you guess which side is the before side? 😉

How Do You Deep Clean An Area Rug At Home

Step One

Start by giving your rug a good vacuum. The Bissell SpotClean is designed to suck up fluids. So, vacuum up all of that loose dirt first.

Step Two

Now that your rug has been vacuumed, you can use an optional stain pretreat on any tough stains that you think might need it. A stain pretreat should be used on tough stains, like pet stains, grass, wine, coffee, etc.

Step Three

Put a plastic sheet or tarp under your rug to protect the floor beneath it from dirty water. You need to clean your rug on a flat surface too.

Step Four

Here’s where the fun starts! Add the hot tap water and 2 ounces of cleaner into the Bissell Spot Cleaner, per instructions. Then start spraying the cleaning solution on and sucking up those stains! I think it’s best to spray an area and suck up all of that liquid, then repeat until that section looks clean. Lightly push the Bissell attachment you’re using into the area rug you’re cleaning to keep strong suction on that area.

Keep working on the rug until the water you’re sucking up is clean. My dirty rug took about half an hour to clean. I probably emptied the dirty water from my cleaner 5 times and had to add hot water and the cleaner 5 or 6 times to the Bissell SpotClean.

If your rug has a nap, like mine, take one last pass with the spray and cleaner moving with the direction the nap lays, so that it dries with the nap flat. Watch the video to see me explain the nap on my rug.

Step Five

Once you’ve sucked up as much liquid as you can, it’s time to let the rug dry. If it’s a nice, sunny day, you can let it dry outside to reduce the dry time. Whether you let it dry inside or out, let it dry flat so that it doesn’t get stretched out lumps. Keep it on the tarp or plastic sheet to protect it from dirt. I also placed old, clean towels under my rug to help the bottom of the rug dry faster.

Once the top and bottom of the rug is dry, you can start using it again. If the rug needs a little “fluffing” use a soft bristle brush or your vacuum attachment to fluff the rug a bit. That’s pretty much it for how to clean area rugs at home, guys. Good luck with your rug!

Here's How to Clean Area Rugs At Home, using a Bissell SpotClean Pro. Steps and tips for small stains and for rugs with all over dirt and stains.
Here’s the clean rug looking great again in our Laundry Room. You can find some of my favorite budget-friendly area rugs on Amazon here.
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Here's How to Clean Area Rugs At Home, using a Bissell SpotClean Pro. Steps and tips for small stains and for rugs with all over dirt and stains.
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