How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter – Quick Steps & Video

How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter – Quick Steps & Video

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Give your kitchen a quick refresh with this easy How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter tutorial.

When the tiler installed our kitchen backsplash, 3 years ago, I knew immediately I’d have to fix it one day. I should have had him fix it. But I had a 12 month old and no kitchen for nearly 3 months, by that point. So, I just wanted the remodeling crew out of my house by that point. 😉

After 3 years of procrastinating and watching that original grout crumble, it was time for me to replace it. Typically you need to use caulk whenever tile meets a solid surface, like a counter or tub. The grout was crumbling because it isn’t as flexible, like caulk.

Replace your old crumbly grout or dingy caulk with this easy DIY. Here's How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter with the quick steps and video to help you do it! #AbbottsAtHome #Caulk #HomeMaintenance #DIYProject #Caulking #Kitchen
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But, no worries, replacing grout along the joint with sealant is generally going to be a pretty quick and easy job. Let’s get into this”how to caulk a kitchen counter” tutorial.


Watch the How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter Video

Materials Used

Tip: Pick a sealant color that will either match the grout OR blend into the counter top color. Wipe away all excess before drying for the best finish.

How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter – Steps

The old grout along our counter was crumbling away because grout isn’t flexible enough to use between tile and a solid surface.
Step One

Carefully cut out the old grout with your utility knife. Unless you have an unusually thick grout line, this shouldn’t require much effort. Just be sure to keep the blade in the grout line and off the counter and tile as much as possible. Some tile and counters are made from materials that can be scratched by a utility knife.

Carefully cut away the old grout with a utility knife.
Step Two

Cut away the old grout completely, then sweep up with a brush or vacuum. Make sure all the old grout, between the counter and backsplash, is off the tile and counter top too.

If you’re replacing old caulk instead of grout, you can still use the steps in this “How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter” tutorial. But, it will take longer to remove and more effort. Be careful with the utility knife to avoid scraping the tile or counter.

Brush or vacuum away the old grout or caulk. Don’t get it wet. Keep the joint dry before applying the new sealant.
Step Three

Once the joint between the counter and tile is clean, you’re ready to apply the new sealant. Apply just a small bead (line of caulk sealant) so that clean up is easier and you waste less sealant. Wipe your finger across the bead to press it into the joint while smoothing it.

Replace your old crumbly grout or dingy caulk with this easy DIY. Here's How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter with the quick steps and video to help you do it! #AbbottsAtHome #Caulk #HomeMaintenance #DIYProject #Caulking #Kitchen
Apply a thin bead of caulk along the joint.

Keep cleaning your finger on the wet rag as needed to keep the joint looking smooth and nice. You can see me doing this in the short video above. Lightly wipe a clean part of the wet rag across the new sealant to clean up the excess caulk. Use your finger again to give the joint a final smoothing.

Smooth the caulk with a wet finger. You can see this process in the video.

Be sure to remove any sealant that has gone up the grout lines between the tiles. The sealant should just be in that line across the counter for the best look. Do a second coat of sealant caulk the next day, if you see any cracks or gaps in the first coat. Let that dry for 24 hours before getting it wet.

Replace your old crumbly grout or dingy caulk with this easy DIY. Here's How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter with the quick steps and video to help you do it! #AbbottsAtHome #Caulk #HomeMaintenance #DIYProject #Caulking #Kitchen
The next day, my kitchen was back in order and looking great. You can see more of my kitchen in this white modern farmhouse kitchen remodeling post.

That’s it for this How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter tutorial. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see sneak peeks of the projects coming soon.

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