20+ Home DIY Tips and Tricks that I use and on my home. These are the DIY projects that I recommend for saving you money, making your life easier, and/or making your home look modern and beautiful. DIY Home Improvement ideas and projects.

Home DIY Tips and Tricks – 20+ You Should See!

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Home DIY Tips and Tricks – 20+ DIY Tips and Tricks You Should See!

Hi, guys! I’ve been blogging and making videos for years now. So, I thought it was time to put together a list of some of my favorite or just essential Home DIY Tips and Tricks. A lot of these are easy enough for the average DIYer. Some take time and patience, some are actually cheap and easy quick wins. They’ll all save you money (to DIY them), make like easier, or improve your home!

20+ Easy Home Improvement DIY Projects, Tips and Tricks that I use and on my home. These are the DIY projects that I recommend for saving you money, making your life easier, and/or making your home look modern and beautiful. DIY Home Improvement ideas and projects.
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10 DIY Home Tips Video

Let’s kick this Home DIY Tips and Tricks List off with a quick 2-minute video of 10 of my favorite, mostly easy, DIY Tips. A few of the tips in this video have more detailed descriptions or info below.

Make Your Old Home Feel Modern

Install Light Sensing Porch Lights

I’m loving my new porch lights. They are these Light Sensing LED Smart Bulbs. They look exactly like a normal light bulb, BUT they actually have a light sensor hiding on them somewhere. They turn themselves off and on when it gets dark. Absolutely no apps required to work or set up. Just screw it in like a normal light. That means, I don’t have to worry about turning them off and on anymore.

Can I just say, it was pretty embarrassing how often my lights were left on all day. It was really an out of site, out of mind situation. I hated thinking about the electricity and money I was wasting every single day. AND, another huge plus, these will still work when I’m on vacation, without me doing a thing. So, that’s great for a little extra home security.

Put Your Indoor Lights on a Timer

Replace your normal On/Off Switch with a 7-Day Programmable Switch. I love these for turning on kitchen, hall, or Living Room lights when you’re on vacation AND just to have 1 or 2 lights on when you get home from work. It’s kinda creepy coming home to a dark house, right. This 7-day switch does require some basic electrical wiring skills. If you aren’t comfortable with wiring, then you can use a smart light bulb with an app instead.

5 to 60-Minute Timer Switch on Bath Fan

This switch is perfect for your bath fans, guys. You can set it to run from 5 to 60 minutes. Then it automatically shuts itself off. No more leaving the bath fan on all day, while you’re at work. This one saves us money and electricity every day, without any effort.

Timer switch for bath fans or lights in a home.
You can use this timer switch as a normal on/off switch too.

Install Easy Screw On Guidelights

Can I say I love, love, love these guidelights. I bought these Snappower Guidelights, but a lot of companies make them now. You simply unscrew your light switch or plug outlet cover and screw on this new one. No wiring at all! How awesome is that?!

Use these guidelights in hallways, in kitchen backsplash outlets, and bathrooms so that you can avoid turning off lights at night, but still have a nice low light to help you walk around safely. You can also use these as a nightlight in a kids room. This is my personal favorite use because my kids can’t unplug and play with these. šŸ™‚

20+ Home DIY Tips and Tricks that I use and on my home. These are the DIY projects that I recommend for saving you money, making your life easier, and/or making your home look modern and beautiful. DIY Home Improvement ideas and projects.
These screw-on guidelights are an easy way to add an automatic warm low light to your hall, kitchen, bath, and kids bedrooms.

Easy DIY Upgrade to a Soft Close Toilet Seat

This Home DIY Tips and Tricks update speaks for itself, really. For $20 to $30 you can install a nice new, slow close toilet seat. Check out the video to see just how easy it is.

How to Replace a Toilet Handle Lever

Those toilet handles can start looking pretty corroded and nasty after years of use. Or sometimes they just look really outdated. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to install a toilet handle lever.

Here's how you can install a toilet handle lever in about 10 minutes. This easy DIY project takes about 10 minutes, guys. Walk through video and tips to help you fix and replace your broken toilet flush handle.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – No Wiring Needed

This isn’t really a DIY, but it is an awesome find and an easy way to get quality speaker sound in your backyard. So, I had to share it. This smallish carry around speaker provides BIG, BIG sound. And, it sounds really great, even when it’s loud. I use this Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker in my garage or when we are by the pool.

It’s so easy to use. Just play something on your phone and allow the bluetooth to send it to this speaker. Works for anything you can listen to on your phone, including your favorite podcasts. šŸ™‚ This thing can get pretty loud. Take it to the beach or on your boat too!

Make your Home Pretty Again Tips

How to Clean Marble Shower Tiles

If you’re wondering how to clean and maintain marble shower tile, I have the 3 easy steps and a quick video to show you how I have been cleaning my tile this year.

How to Make that Dingy Grout Look New Again

This DIY is one of my all time favorite Home DIY Tips and Tricks. I’ve done this in 3 rooms over the last 5 years. And, it ALWAYS makes that room feel new, clean, and beautiful again. Here’s my written steps for cleaning, restoring, and sealing grout. Or, you can watch the How to Whiten Tile Grout video on YouTube.

How to Make your Stained Wood Look New Without Stripping

Is it just my kids that are rough on furniture? They are pretty good at putting dings and dents in the finish of ALL of the furniture in my house. BUT, luckily, it’s not too hard to make that finish look nice and new again. I have the DIY Steps and quick how to video to show you How to Stain Wood Furniture Without Stripping.

How to Make Painted Cabinets Look New Again

When we bought our house 8 years ago, it was full of beautiful built-ins that were covered in chippy paint. I’ve been moving from room to room giving them makeovers. In this DIY Blue Chalk Paint Vanity Makeover video, I give the exact steps I used on my Master Bathroom cabinets. I love how beautifully these turned out!

You might also like to see the details on my Laundry Room Cabinets. That teal on the lower cabinets is so cheerful and colorful. Just some paint and a little elbow grease totally turned my Laundry Room into a happy place.

A fresh Modern Farmhouse look using teal, wood, and lots of white. This Modern Farmhouse Small Laundry Room Design is full of easy DIY projects and affordable decor. #LaundryRoom #ModernFarmhouse #Teal #AbbottsAtHome

How to Restore a Wood Front Door Without Removing It

This is a popular DIY project on my blog and YouTube channel. I guess a lot of people have to deal with this issue. I’ve shared my exact steps for How to Restain a Wood Door without removing it. You can see from the before picture in that tutorial that I needed to restain because the wood was so bleached by the sun.

BUT, sometimes your outdoor wood door or furniture just needs a bit of a refresh to look new again. Watch the video below to see how using Howard’s Sunshield on my door 2 or 3 times a year keeps it looking a-mazing!

Paint, Paint, Paint All The Things

Most people know that painting the walls really freshens a room up. But, often, I visit homes where the walls look great, but the trim and ceilings are kinda a hot mess. When you have time, move through each room in your house painting your baseboards, crown, and any other trim in the room. A fresh coat really finishes off the room. If the ceiling is dingy or stained, paint that ceiling too. It takes time, but it really is worth it. You can see how painting the ceiling and crown moulding was a huge improvement in my Living Room.

DIY Home Improvement Tips

Replace Grout with Caulk on A Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Anywhere that a solid surface, like a counter top, meets tile caulk should be used. If you have grout there, you’ve probably noticed it crumbling away over time. There is an easy fix for that. In this video, I show you exactly how I scraped that old grout away and replaced it with caulk. It probably took me about 30 minutes to do my whole kitchen. This works along bathroom counters too!

3 Cheap & Easy Front Door Security Improvements

I’m all about improving home security. I think most people are, right? Well, in this DIY Front Door Security tutorial, I can show you how to strengthen your front door and other exterior doors with a few easy updates. AND, I’ve shared tips from a local police officer about other things to improve and think about to prevent burglary.

I've got 3 Cheap and Easy Home Security Updates for your Doors you can do in an afternoon. With 3 small DIY Exterior Door Updates you can make your home safer.
Your deadbolt should stick out 1″ from the door to provide extra security.

Make Removable Air Conditioning Screens or Fence Panels

If you want to hide your Air Conditioners or even that boat in the backyard, there’s a million ways to build lightweight and decorative panels to do it. But, I really wanted my panels to be removable, so that the HVAC guy could always access my units easily. My Home DIY Tip or Trick for this is to use simple to install Double Keyhole Hangers. Now, I can easily lift that panel or fence out of the way. You can see how I made my AC Panel Removable here.

Build a Cabinet Door Mounted Garbage Can

Guys, can you believe we kept our garbage cans on the bathroom counters…for years. I had to keep them out of reach of my babies and toddlers. That was not ideal. So, when I remodeled our Master Bathroom, I built Cabinet Door Mounted Garbage Cans for both vanities. I love not having to see the garbage anymore. AND, people with pets always say this would be great for a home with dogs too!

Seal your Drafty Outlets

Replace all of those Old Nasty Door Stops

This one is so, so easy. Your kids can do it. And, they’d probably think it’s fun. Over the decades, door stops get dingy, dirty, and rusty. You can buy pretty new ones for around $2. So, grab a couple dozen and get busy. Generally you just need a screwdriver to remove old ones. And, these new ones just screw into the old hole.

Update Interior Door Hinges and Handles Too

It’s more work, but changing the hinges and door hardware also makes a home feel instantly newer. Especially if your home is still rocking those old fake brass handles, like mine was. Switching those out with brushed nickel instantly made the whole home feel 20 years younger.

Just one side note here, if you have an older home with beautiful vintage hardware, maybe don’t do this. If it has character and style, but just looks dingy, I’d try to figure out how to clean it instead. Or, at the very least, donate it to your local Habitat ReStore so that someone else might be able to use it. šŸ™‚

That’s it for my big list of Home DIY Tips and Tricks. I hope you’ve found at least a few ideas that you’d love to use in your home. If you have a favorite DIY for the home, comment below and let me know. Thanks!

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