Try this Pretty Marbling DIY with Envirotex Lite Resin

Try this Pretty Marbling DIY with Envirotex Lite Resin

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Crafting with Resin might sound intimidating, but this was my first time and it turned out so pretty!

I’ve had crafting with resin on my to-do list for such a long time. But I have to admit, I was kinda scared. Mixing liquids together that magically harden into awesomeness had to be complicated, right? Wrong, it was easy. I used Envirotex Lite Resin and carefully followed the mixing directions. They were pretty simple really. The hardest part is knowing what you want to do beforehand and following that plan.

I love Ebru Marbling patterns on paper. You might remember them from old books. Seems like they were always on the inside covers when I was a kid. Ebru Marbling on paper uses different materials and steps. We won’t go into that now. We’re just using some of those techniques to create a really cool pattern with resin. Don’t worry, you can see exactly what I did by watching my YouTube video.

When you watch the video, you’ll see that I dragged lines about a 1″ apart from bottom to top in the resin. Then went from top to bottom between those lines. Then I did the same thing starting from left to right 1″ apart. And between those from right to left. Tip: Make sure you have multiple colors mixed around the tray to give the best result. And you want the resin to be thick enough. Mine is probably between 1/8 and 1/4″ deep.

Want another cool way to use this marbling pattern? I did it with shaving cream and food coloring on craft wood too. It’s an easy and fun craft for kids and adults. Play around with the technique and colors to see what patterns you’ll get!

How-To Video and DIY instructions. See how I updated a boring tray with acrylic paints and envirotex lite resin. It's easier than it sounds.
This finished tray is ready to serve. 😉

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Cost for Ebru Marbling a Tray with Envirotex Lite Resin

You’ll spend less than $10, for the amount of resin and acrylic you’ll use. It’s a great, low cost way to update an old tray.

Time for Ebru Marbling a Tray with Envirotex Lite Resin

You’ll need about 30 minutes for all of the mixing, pouring, designing, and blowing out bubbles.

Materials for Ebru Marbling a Tray with Envirotex Lite Resin

Directions for Ebru Marbling a Tray with Envirotex Lite Resin
  1. Get all of your materials ready and set up BEFORE ever opening the resin. Once you start mixing, they’ll be no time to find something or put drop cloths down. Get everything you might need ready beforehand. Also, have your straw and/or butane torch ready.
  2. You may need to put a thin coat of resin on your wood or tray before starting to prevent bubbles. See resin directions for more info. When in doubt, do that thin coating and allow to dry before starting this ebru marbling technique.
  3. I put about 1 tsp of each color of acrylic into it’s own cup before mixing the resin. I also had 1 clean stick ready for each cup, for mixing.

    How-To Video and DIY instructions. See how I updated a boring tray with acrylic paints and envirotex lite resin. It's easier than it sounds.
    I always test color ideas on scrap wood to make sure they look good together.

  4. Follow the exact directions on your resin to mix the resin. Envirotex Lite strongly states that the product should be mixed in a 50/50 ratio, exactly how they say to do it. That’s what I did. I did use the lines in my Solo cups as measuring lines to make sure each cup had the same amount.
  5. After mixing the resin exactly as the directions say, pour some resin into each cup with the teaspoon of acrylic in it. Now mix each cup with it’s own clean stick. Work quickly, but make sure to mix the acrylic into the resin completely.
  6. Pour the cup into a random pattern on the tray. You want a little bit of each color everywhere. I spread the white around in the video, but that’s not necessary. You could also just pour or drop circles of color around.
  7. Once you have poured out all of the resin, tilt the tray slightly to make sure the entire bottom of the tray is covered.
  8. Set the tray on a level surface and follow the dragging pattern above (shown in video), to create this ebru marbling design.
  9. Once you have finished the pattern, use your straw to lightly blow on any tiny bubbles that may come to the surface for the next 10 minutes. You can also use a butane torch to lightly blow out the bubbles. Don’t use a blow dryer, the heat will cause more bubbles. I had a butane torch that I couldn’t get to work when I was ready to blow out the bubbles. So, I recommend having a straw on hand, just in case.
  10. Once the resin stops bubbling, let it harden on that flat, level surface for the next 8 – 12 hours. It should fully cure in 72 hours.
How-To Video and DIY instructions. See how I updated a boring tray with acrylic paints and envirotex lite resin. It's easier than it sounds.
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Feeling inspired? Get out there and make your own . Follow the links above to get the things you’ll need. Have fun and let me know if you have questions. Or post pictures of your work and tag Abbotts At Home on FB, I’d love to see it!

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  1. I could watch your video all day, I think! It was so cool watching each step and then, bam! Marbled 😉 Really cool. Thanks for sharing this with us at Funtastic Friday. Pinned

  2. This is a new technique I really haven’t heard of, but I know what you mean about the marbled papers inside old books. You’ve done pretty good with that look. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  3. Very pretty! You made it look so easy anyone could try it.

  4. Turned out amazing! Can’t believe this was your first try at it.

  5. I have wanted to try and make things using resin in moulds. Pinning to use it as research. Thank you so much for sharing the step by step directions and video.

  6. Wow! I have never worked with resin! But looking at your projects makes me try it 🙂
    Mustn’t forget to say your tray looks mesmerizing !

  7. Shirley Robinson

    Have you ever used the rison Pour-On on molds like the Prima Iron Orchid Decor Moulds? I have a couple of these molds and I want to use rison in them and after they dry, peel them out to glue on pots. Thank you very much.

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