$100 DIY Mudroom Bench from Old Cabinets

Looking for DIY Mudroom Ideas? You can upcycle your old cabinets into a beautiful and affordable DIY Laundry and Mudroom Combo. This cabinet update was less than $100. And the mudroom bench, coat, and shoe storage makes this space so much more functional!

Need a convenient space to store all those shoes and coats? You can convert part of your Laundry Room into a Mudroom. Like a lot of homes in the US, our garage door leads straight to our laundry room. That makes it the perfect spot for a DIY laundry and mudroom combo. But our house was built before everyone … Read more $100 DIY Mudroom Bench from Old Cabinets

You’ll love this DIY Laundry Table, just $85

Build this DIY Laundry Table for just $85. This laundry table hides that ugly gap behind the machines, prevents things from falling behind the machines, and gives you a pretty place to fold that laundry.

Want to add style and function to your laundry room? How about a DIY Laundry Table? This DIY Laundry Table transformed our laundry room into a functional and beautiful space. There is a serious flaw in the design of washing machines and dryers. I am not claiming I know how to fix this flaw. But … Read more You’ll love this DIY Laundry Table, just $85