2018 Boys Bedroom Ideas and Makeover Plans

2018 Boys Bedroom Ideas and Makeover Plans

I’m ready to give our boys’ bedroom an update. They’re ready for a bit more style and big boy fun now!

So, my littlest moved out of his crib at Christmas (*sniff sniff*). Which sparked a bunch of bedroom update ideas. Their room was cute, but I decorated it when my oldest was a baby, in 2014. Now, they’re ready for big boy style and fun. I’ve been playing with tons of ideas and even asking my almost 5-year old what he wanted. Just check out all these awesome ideas on my Kids Bedroom Pinterest board!! But, I think I’ve settled on our 2018 boys bedroom ideas. Yea!

As a DIY’er, I’m constantly moving from one project to the next. My ‘next project’ plans change constantly. I kinda never really know what I’m about to work on, until I actually start. Is that weird or normal? I don’t know. But it works for me. I get a lot of stuff done. And, despite constantly changing my mind. I have 1 rule to keep me on track.

That 1 rule is that I have is to finish my project or a group of projects before starting another. Now I need to apply that rule to rooms too. LOL. I’ve been going back and forth between my Master and the Boys’ Bedroom for a few months. And, I still have a half painted Laundry Room from 2016 calling my name. I know, I should be embarrassed. Just kidding.

This post will hopefully motivate me to get this room done, soon! So, here are my 2018 boys bedroom ideas and makeover plans. A few of them are already finished. Yea, again! I’ll keep coming back here and adding updates as each project is finished. Then I’ll share the bedroom reveal when everything is ready. Hopefully in March. Wish me luck. 😉

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A Look at my 2018 Boys Bedroom Ideas and Makeover Plan

Here’s a quick overview of my 10 goals for this bedroom makeover. Just 1 side note, you might know that I love Star Wars. So, if one of my boys ever decides they’d love a Star Wars room, I’d be all about it. But for now, they are big fans of animals, the outdoors, and anything transportation. This room doesn’t really have a theme, although it loosely has everything they love built in. BUTTTTTT, if you love Star Wars check out my favorite Star Wars DIY’s and Stuff or my all things Star Wars Pinterest Board. 🙂

A Fun Tent for Reading & Play

I love a good DIY play tent. But I wanted something with an extra sturdy base for my rough and tumble boys. So, I built a PVC frame that can’t be knocked over. Then topped it with a drop cloth and lots of fun ribbon and tassels. Check out how I upcycled old pillows for the base too.

Plans to Build this easy PVC Pipe Tent with drop cloth cover. PVC pipe play house tent build for kids. #PVCTent #PVC #KidsTent

2 New Twin Headboards

I wanted something a bit chunky and fun for the boys. My original idea was for an all wood headboard, but the little guy’s wanted soft. So, I went with a wood frame with an upholstered middle. I just finished this build. The reveal and build plans are coming next week. Yea!

DIY Twin Headboard Build Sneak Peek. It's time to update our boy's room again. Here's a peek at our 2018 Boys Room Ideas. Blue Triangle Quilt, Blue & White Curtains, DIY Drop Cloth PVC Tent, and DIY Wall Art
Here’s a Sneak Peek of the new headboards I built for the boys. You can see a few more preview shots on my Instagram feed. 🙂
Update Bedding & Curtains

I went for this fun and super soft Blue Triangle Stitch Quilt from Target. The boy’s love blue and this color is perfect. And I’ve ordered these beautiful Spacedye Curtains in Blue. Hopefully they work as well together in real life as they do in my head. ;

It's time to update our boy's room again. Here's a peek at our 2018 Boys Room Ideas. This bedding and curtain are from Target.
Blue Triangle Quilt and Blue & White Curtain
Refresh Wall Art

This is partially done. I just need to add 1 or 2 more things. You can see one of the larger pieces on my post about DIY Felt & Paint Mixed Wall Art. I even shared about a dozen printables to give you a start to making your own.

Easy DIY Felt Wall Art for Kids Rooms! Grab my 12 Free Printable Patterns or make your own. I have the easy steps to get you started. #Felt #FeltDecor #FeltPattern #KidsRoom
A close up of the rocket, stars, and planet Earth I made from felt.
Build a Desk for Play

This will be a pretty simple build. I’m just going for a little extra storage and a play surface for trains, puzzles, legos, etc.

Cute Wall Shelf above the Desk

This’ll be a spot for storing favorite toys, books, an fun decor.

Small Wall-Mounted Nightstand

Just a little nightstand for bedtime books, drinks, and alarm clock.

Refresh Ceiling Decor

I have some fun stars, clouds, and hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling now. I just need to update the balloons a bit.

Build a Feature Wall

I’m going for big style and a statement o the wall behind the headboards. Can’t wait to do this one!

Update Nightlight with an Easy DIY Hack

This is a super simple update to keep the kids from playing with the nightlight.

Well, better get back to work.  I can’t wait to show you how this turns out!

Looking for more grown up DIY decor? Try this DIY Scrap Wood Wall Art.

Build your own custom DIY Scrap Wood Wall Art. Works for Barn Quilt, Tribal Art, Boho, Mosaic, geometric wood designs and more. Includes DIY Wood Wall Art Tutorial steps and how-to video!

Or, this DIY Farmhouse Chunky Leg Bench Build. You can upholster the top or leave it wood to use it as a coffee table!

Farmhouse Style DIY Upholstered Bench Plan with Tongue & Groove shelf. Makes a great end of bed bench, dining table bench, living room coffee table or entry bench.

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  1. Looking at everything you’ve got planned their room is going to look amazing Stephanie. I can’t wait to see what the Feature Wall entails. That sounds so interesting

  2. That rocket ship wall art is adorable! My 2yo boy would LOVE it. Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  3. For what I could see, I love it. The boys, I am sure, is very happy. Who would not lve a room so fun and beautiful

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