6 Essential Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes

Follow the link to get the Printer-friendly PDF. Print it out and hang in your garage. Room for your recipes included. Save these 6 Recipes for woodworking and furniture finishing to your Pinterest boards. Homemade Wood Cleaner and Restorer Recipe, Chalk Paint Recipe with Plaster of Paris, Chalk Board Paint Recipe, Homemade Wood Stains, Homemade Whitewash Recipe, and a Recipe for Beeswax Furniture Polish.

I’ve rounded up my little slips of paper full of wood finishing recipes to make this awesome Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes printable for you…and me. These DIY wood finishing recipes have lots of variations on the internet, most of them work great. These are just my current favorites. I have these Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes … Read more 6 Essential Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes