DIY Reversible Thanksgiving & Christmas Signs

DIY Reversible Holiday Signs - Christmas & Thanksgiving

These DIY Reversible Holiday Signs dress up your front porch and make storage easy. Every year I see so many great Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations that I really want to buy or make…until my practical side kicks in. My practical side always wants to know where on Earth I plan to store these things. We don’t have basements … Read moreDIY Reversible Thanksgiving & Christmas Signs

You’ll love this DIY Laundry Table, just $85

Build this DIY Laundry Table for just $85. This laundry table hides that ugly gap behind the machines, prevents things from falling behind the machines, and gives you a pretty place to fold that laundry.

Want to add style and function to your laundry room? How about a DIY Laundry Table? This DIY Laundry Table transformed our laundry room into a functional and beautiful space. There is a serious flaw in the design of washing machines and dryers. I am not claiming I know how to fix this flaw. But … Read moreYou’ll love this DIY Laundry Table, just $85

Simple Christmas Card Ornaments

Kids craft - homemade ornaments from Christmas cards

Upcycle those old Christmas Cards into cute and Rustic Christmas Tree ornaments. Simple and fun for kids to make and give as gifts to friends and family. Seems like it’s Christmas in Texas again. The radio stations are playing Bing, the stores have been selling Christmas decorations since October, and the temperature has dropped to … Read moreSimple Christmas Card Ornaments

How to Cut a Dresser in Half to Make 2 New Pieces

5 steps to our DIY bathroom remodel

What do you do with a boring, top heavy, old $25 dresser? Why turn it into 2 new and marvelous pieces, of course! Like any mom of littles, we are always in desperate need of toy storage. But I wanted to make it low enough for the kids to use and safe from tip overs. … Read moreHow to Cut a Dresser in Half to Make 2 New Pieces